Providing we sign the mvp to a long term deal which will help the cap., I think we should try to keep 2/3 of the team togther if possible. By 2/3 i mean offense and special teams. Extend Boldin and Jones 2-3 years each and Pitta for 3 years. Dickson I would let go. Jones fills a few areas, wide reciever and is a great return guy. Now you have Joe, Q, Smith,Pitta and Jones back for at least 2-3 more years together which should keep our offense in the top tier. Mckinnie I don't know about, I guess a contract laden with clauses but I don't trust he will live up to it. Defense wise I'd keep Ellerbe and let Krueger go and Cary go. Webb and Graham as corners and Jimmy and C Brown in our nickel with Pollard and maybe Ed if he gave a home town discount which I doubt he will do. Draft wise we need few spots filled obviously. I see very little dropoff if you can keep that together.