We are likely going to lose Paul Kruger through Free Agency. If there is anything that his progression has taught us, it is that we should not give up on all of our prospects after a couple of years. We've been riding high with quality picks on defense for years, because we only needed a player or two to step into a defense full of veterans. The defense has been in a transition, where more young players have been put on the field at the same time. That led to some frustration from some of the fans here, that certain players weren't developing fast enough. The bar was just set extremely high.

For example, Terrance Cody will be entering his fourth season. Let's remember that Terrance Cody was wildly out of shape when he entered the league. This young man was not going to get into shape in one year. It took him this long to get into shape and he is now there. Now, he just needs to work on his technique, which he seems to at least have the work ethic to improve.

Don't give up on Chykie Brown. You could see where his inexperience effected his play in the postseason, but he can really develop. Don't give up on Michael Oher. Just keep him in one damn spot, RT.

I am saying all of this to say that while we are always looking to improve the team through the draft, but let's not be so hasty to look for this particular player who will replace a guy that we give up on so quickly.