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    Jerry Coleman....terrible

    Whoever watched the press conferences today was probably thinking the same thing - where the hell was he getting these questions from? Even Harbs half joked about him being so concerned with everyone's sleep. He gets to lead off the questioning and he starts with asking Joe how much sleep he is going to get in the next few days, and then was he "shocked" to get MVP? No wonder our media is perceived to be so bush league. Then I heard he tried to ask Ray Rice about the fumble. The worst part about this clown is that he thinks he is being some edgy, tough reporter when in reality he is coming off like a complete idiot.

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    Re: Jerry Coleman....terrible

    Didn't he play on Different Strokes?

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    Re: Jerry Coleman....terrible

    I really can't stand Coleman, he's basically a younger version of Skip Bayless.
    "A linebacker's job is to knock out running backs, to knock out receivers, to chase the football." - Ray Lewis

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    Re: Jerry Coleman....terrible

    A younger, much punier version. I don't even think Skip believes half the bullshit he says, but Jerry takes himself very serious.


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