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Thread: Injury Report

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    Re: Injury Report

    Quote Originally Posted by RavensQB View Post
    They only have to report an injury. They are not bound to disclose to what magnitude it is.

    Learn to use GOOGLE!!!
    Yea, they must have been broken since week 2 (but no, they were not broken on the Crabtree tackle either)! Good assumption:

    On another note, thanks for the condescending tip to google something to gain information that had not yet been released (most of the articles hadn't even been written when I asked my question).

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    Re: Injury Report

    Quote Originally Posted by organizedchaos21 View Post
    Do you mind sharing your source? I've looked for it, and there's no mention of exactly when he cracked his ribs. I know he's had a chest injury all season, but he specifically said nothing was broken after the Eagles game (could certainly be gamesmanship).
    I read the same thing somewhere. During the game he re-aggravated the injury.


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