Okay, since we're heading into the off-season with little to talk about, except how truly awesome the Baltimore Ravens are, just thought I'd throw it out here:

If forced to choose just one Ravens championship team as your favorite, which would it be? 2000 or 2012?

With 2000, they say you'll always remember your first. And we are talking about a team with one of the greatest (if not the greatest) defenses in NFL history. But on the other hand, the offense was nothing special (other than perhaps Jamal Lewis), so it really was an uneven team.

With 2012, you had a much more balanced team, and added in Ray's swan song and Joe Flacco's truly remarkable postseason. Add in the F-Bomb. But we did have that frustrating second half of the regular season.

Super Bowl 35 had to be one of the least stressful Super Bowls ever for a winning team, of which Super Bowl 47 also had all the markings through the beginning of the third quarter, after which it turned into a sometimes maddening experience yelling and shouting and wincing at the TV.

But it's hard to say which was better than the other, at least for me. We will certainly cherish them both.

(Of course, if you didnt' start following the Ravens until after 2000, the answer's easy.)