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Thread: What if ???

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    Question What if ???

    Now, boys and girls, don't take me too seriously here, but "what if" ...
    the Ravens had gotten Jacoby Jones last season, instead of Lee Evans?
    Tell me, would the Ravens had been to two Super Bowls in a row?
    Would Ray/Joe/Ed and Co. have two rings now back-to-back? ... Bc

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    Re: What if ???

    IF 'If's & but's were honey and nuts, what a fine world it would be!'

    We can only deal with what is!

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    Re: What if ???

    FWIW and all things being equal, my guess would be "Maybe!" ;)

    TBH, I agree with mm1, but if Cameron doesn't alter the offense last season ala what Caldwell has done over the last month or two, I suspect the Ravens playoff results would have ended prior to the SB.

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    Re: What if ???

    "What if?"

    That's the kinda question 31 other teams and their fans should be thinking.

    Not us. :D
    Self appointed Ravens SuperFan in the southern hemisphere/New Zealand.

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    Re: What if ???

    You are forgetting the most infamous variable, Cam Cameron.
    "Please take with you this final sword, The Excellector. I am praying that your journey will be guided by the light", Leon Shore


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