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    Re: Bill Barnwell article post Super Bowl

    The total problem with using stats in football is because teams morph continually throughout a season either by injuries, cohesion, or coaching changes.

    How could anyone use stats from the regular season when so many starters were sitting on the sidelines, and when the offensive line was completely different, and when the OC was different? Stats were completely meaningless in the Ravens case, as the team they fielded in the playoffs was significantly different than the one from the regular season.

    It's not like baseball at all, where guys don't have nearly as much effect on one another as they do in football. Just one or two changes(i.e Mckinnie, Oher reshuffle) can change everything.

    The Ravens team that entered the postseason was the clear best team in the AFC when it was said and done. The Colts got overpowered(and it could have been a total curbstomp if not for Ray Rice's fumbling), and we really beat the Broncos more solidly if not for the two special teams breakdowns. Then we beat the snot out of the Patriots. None of the talking heads and stats junkies saw it coming because they didn't consider the Ravens lineup changes. They barely even talked about it. All they could focus on was "losing 4 out of 5". Hell, some of them(many) didn't even throw in the caveat that the last loss wasn't even our starters playing.

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    Re: Bill Barnwell article post Super Bowl

    Remember this article next October, when team X is 7-0 or 6-1 and all the pundits are proclaiming them to be a lock for the Super Bowl...

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    Re: Bill Barnwell article post Super Bowl

    Quote Originally Posted by Ravens44 View Post
    And as I listened to the "experts" tell their conclusions, I knew they were wrong as soon as it came out of their mouths.
    They didn't do their homework.
    And they ARE bitter that the Ravens made them look stupid.
    And that's why I see all the negative press.

    It seems to be a vicious cycle. Once a media dummy fails to do his research, picks against the Ravens and gets burned, he gets mad and digs his heels in further, refusing to admit that he just might be wrong, and that the Ravens just might be better than he thought.

    So the media dummy will double down and pick against the Ravens again.

    And he will look stupid, again, when the Ravens win, again.

    Then he will get even more angry. And pick against the Ravens again.

    And the Ravens will continue to win, and the dummy will continue to look stupid, and he becomes even more bitter and enraged and fossilized in his myopic opinions, praying every day that those blasted Ravens will lose so he can be "right", and it goes on, and on.


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