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    Re: Should Cary Williams have been ejected?

    The 49ers are punk-assed bitches. The Ravens play really tough between the whistles and perhaps a little bit after, but the 49ers just take cheap shots late all the time. It wasn't just this game. I don't blame Cary for getting hot, but he needs to keep his cool in big situations. That shove is probably going to cost him half his Super Bowl share.

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    Quote Originally Posted by TTRaven View Post
    36 seconds into the video that was linked in the first post of the thread.
    Doh. Thanks.
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    Re: Should Cary Williams have been ejected?

    There is no way Ngata gets suspended.
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    Re: Should Cary Williams have been ejected?

    Whoever the official was deserves some credit IMO for realizing it was not intentional, understanding the context in which it happened and just letting it go harm/no foul
    I know there are other officials who are more self absorbed who might not have had as much sense
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    Of course he should have been ejected...he didn't just bump a ref, he shoved him

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    Re: Should Cary Williams have been ejected?


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    Absolutely. Thankfully chances are he'll be serving the resulting suspension in a different jersey next season.
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    Re: Should Cary Williams have been ejected?

    Of course. There's no "mitigating circumstances" when it comes to shoving a ref. It doesn't matter WHAT Williams "had in his heart". He shoved a ref and by rule should have been ejected. Period. (The fact that he wasn't is another matter.)

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    Re: Should Cary Williams have been ejected?

    I dont really blame them in all honesty on trying to be more physical and it turning into cheap shots or questionably dirty play. The game we won before this we won the battle of being physical and im sure that was preached by Jim and to try and intimidate us and not lose that battle again. It worked in some ways and not in others. Problem with acting like a bear when poking one, you have to then deal with a pissed off real one. I think they acted more tough than they really were. I can say that about a lot of the NFC teams.

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