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Thread: The Dream.

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    The Dream.

    O.k, now that the season is over, and we won the Superbowl, I have to share something that I've been sitting on for two months now. I didn't want to say it, because a) I didn't want to jinx it, and b) You'd have thought I was a crazy person. You might still...

    The night of the loss to Denver, I had a dream. In it, I saw Joe Flacco holding up the Lombardi, wearing a white Jersey. It seemed so real, when I woke up I really thought we had just won the Superbowl. After the sad reality that we didn't sunk in, I felt like the football gods were telling me "It's ok, through all of this, the Ravens are going to win it all this year".

    Now, I had no idea we were the visiting team and wearing the white jerseys at the time. The image on of him holding it looks almost identical to how I remember the dream.

    I told my wife about it three weeks ago, after the win @ Denver. I'm really glad I didn't jinx anything!

    P.S - I had this same dream in 2006 with McNair holding it up in a purple jersey, so the moral is that I guess dreams don't always come true :D

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    Re: The Dream.

    Maybe it means you're getting better at it.


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    Re: The Dream.

    That's pretty cool! You're not crazy...

    I had a dream last week and I woke up Hyperventilating... It was something close to last night, but with a different 4th Qtr. outcome. Glad it didn't become a reality.

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    Re: The Dream.

    The week before the AFC Championship Game, I had a dream the Ravens beat the Patriots on a safety.

    Okay, so it didn't exactly come true. But there was a safety at the end of the Super Bowl that helped the Ravens secure victory....oddly enough, it was against the Ravens.

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    Re: The Dream.

    Relax, you're not crazy.

    You're just experiencing a phenomenon known as "vuja de", that is, "the feeling that none of this has happened yet"...


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