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    Re: Russell Street community mock draft

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    is this still going on? I dont normally log in on mondays(off work) and was going to send Leach a pick... well... doesn't look like I will need to. I will probabloy be picking wednesday or thursday...

    I'd also recommend putting all picks made on the first post.
    I'm still interested in finishing this out if everyone else is, but I think anyone who misses their pick 2 straight rounds should lose their spot permanently for the rest of the mock. It should speed things up if we have the more active posters making most of the picks.

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    Anyone want to make the Jets pick? Way over the clock now
    "Flacco stepping up and throwing deep down the far sideline... CAUGHT!!! Into the endzone, TOUCHDOWN JACOBY JONES!!!!!"

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    Re: Russell Street community mock draft

    We should probably start a new one after the combine is over.

    But make sure whoever signs up will be reliable and get the pick in within a certain time.


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