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    Congratulations B'more

    You sure earned it with the teams you went through.

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    Re: Congratulations B'more

    Thanks Steel.

    We respect the Steelers as much as we hate them. Playing your boys twice pr year makes
    us better vs these other good PO teams. We beat NE and SF playing Steelers football
    when they're at their best.

    This one is for our division.

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    Re: Congratulations B'more

    You have a lot of football class. Have read some of your posts on Steelers Nation. Your viewpoints make you a minority over there for telling the truth. See you and the Steelers later this year.

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    Re: Congratulations B'more

    I agree, playing the Steelers and vice versa makes our division tougher and us better, no one ever wants to play the Ravens or Steelers in the playoffs.

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    Re: Congratulations B'more

    1) "How will he fit in our locker room?"
    2) "Does he help us beat the Pittsburgh Steelers?"


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