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    Re: Some thoughts before I crash and burn for the night...

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    I liked Harbaugh but was admittedly frustrated with his not taking the handcuffs off of Joe.

    You are right about Ray. He really was a liability out there. Ngata going down big. The TD run by Kaepernick was to the side where Tyson could not set the edge.

    Ray Rice had some moments but he certainly did not earn his paycheck in the playoffs. This offense and team runs through Joe and it took getting rid of Cam for that to happen.
    Suggs gave up some big run in the 2nd half, trying to rush up the middle, leaving no one to stop the run on his side. Couldn't beleive he left that edge uncovered. Holding the 9ers in the red zone was the ticket. Just like the atlanta game, 3 points wasn't enough to win and 9ers choked with 2 minutes left and couldn't score a touchdown. Terrible call playing by Jim harbaugh, lose falls on his inability to keep running the ball. They had success doing it earlier. Great win for the Ravens and Baltimore. Talking heads picked the wrong team to win again. Total haters and they were exposed by not seeing who the Ravens really are. Still Wacco for Flacco. The new general of the Ravens,

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    Re: Some thoughts before I crash and burn for the night...

    I completely agree with your #4 -
    "4. Joe Flacco will never get the praise he deserves in this league. I already threw out the Montana tie on FB, and was met with a label of being a homer (They are looking at Montana's number of rings and play in multiple SBs instead of the stat I pointed out). Something about the way Joe Flacco plays...he's always going to have to deal with the moving goal posts. Everytime they set a goal for him, someone is just going to think he didn't get it done in a pretty enough way, and will set a new goal line for him"

    OTOH, a pretty wise supervisor once told me, "Beau, living well is the best revenge!"

    I'd offer that to Flacco. ;)


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