Man, what an ass hole.

He was the hottest commodity out there at the time. Everyone wanted him but e turned down the Ravens job and used them to get more money in Dallas as a coordinator. He turned down Atlanta too which came within a whisker of the SB.

He was the heir to Wade Phillips and wanted his job but Phillips got into the POs so he had
to wait a few more years.

Meanwhile HARBs gets the Ravens job and goes to the POs every year with all the talent Ozzie
gave him and finally wins it all this year. Plus he beat Garrett every time he faced him out-coaching
him winning down there on two historic runs and he beats them up here this year.
Garrett just missed his third straight PO and almost got fired. There was even a wild rumor
that Gruden was getting his job.

He's still but will probably go next year if he misses. He's on thin ice while HARBs is the SB champ.

What an ass hole that Garrett. I still remember that snotty little look on his face the day he
left the castle.