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    Re: Super bowl champions

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    Quote Originally Posted by wickedsolo View Post
    You could tell that before the game started when John was in a suit and tie for interviews and Jim was wearing sneaks and a sweatshirt.

    Niners were out on the town yucking it up while the Ravens were nowhere to be seen.

    For the Ravens, this was a business trip.
    For the Niners, this was a vacation.

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    Yep as I predicted the ravens leadership was huge. Having guys like ray and boldin to set the bar meant a lot IMO.

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    Re: Super bowl champions

    YESSSSS!!!!!!!!!!!!!! So huge! This is just awesome.... we did it!!! Joe Flacco played great. One heck of a performance. I was pretty upset with the odd power outage but we prevailed!!! WORLD CHAMPS!


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