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    Re: Lenz: Other side of cheerleader story

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    And FWIW, I'm reading that the Ravens said that "Our selection process [for which 32 out of the 60 cheerleaders were chosen] was based upon three criteria: seniority, performance ability and personal conduct throughout the season". I haven't followed this breaking news itm story as close as I should have, but how did Lenz confirm that she was overlooked explicitly and solely because of her 1.6 pound weight gain? I see three criteria, and the linked article also suggests she may have violated one or more of the squad "rules".

    Is there a link to what happened, or more likely to what SHE says specifically happened and confirms the weight gain as the reason to exclude her? Thanks...

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    Re: Lenz: Other side of cheerleader story

    Why can she just not showing up for try out next year, then they'll know she is retire. She is so self centered that she needs to announced her retirement.


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