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    What gives Joe Flacco his mutant-like arm???

    A good article on Joe's biggest weapon.
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    Re: What gives Joe Flacco his mutant-like arm???

    Joes got a good arm no doubt but i dont think kaepernick is much worse honestly. Gotta give him some respect in that aspect. Personally i think flacco is more accurate although i dont think thats always popular opinion.

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    Re: What gives Joe Flacco his mutant-like arm???

    " Although Flacco attempts more deep passes than almost anyone else, as of October, his accuracy for those passes ranked 20th in the NFL. (Which is bad.) "

    I've seen that mentioned before, but what doesn't get mentioned is that Flacco's "deep" passes are usually much further downfield. He's not throwing 25 yard deep passes, he's dropping 40+ yard bombs.

    Kap's got a great arm too, but it's not quite what Flacco's is. I've never seen a QB throw as hard or long as Flacco with as little body motion. It's a thing of beauty.

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    Re: What gives Joe Flacco his mutant-like arm???

    I like to think Joe has the biggest arm in the NFL but he wont admit to it. On the Dan Patrick show a few weeks ago he said he was sure someone in the NFL had a stronger arm. Also D.P. asked him how far he could throw it, and Joe acted uncertain, but said "around 75 yards give or take". Then D.P. asked if he could hit 80. Joe said he didnt think he could quite get 80. I like to think he could get 80, he threw 74 and it wasnt even a spiral, but who knows. Isnt Vick supposed to be able to throw 85 or something?

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    Re: What gives Joe Flacco his mutant-like arm???

    Quote Originally Posted by Ravenswintitle View Post
    oh dear.. I can still see his long throws sailing 10 yards out of bounds while a wide open receiver looked back downfield in disgust.


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