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    Super Bowl Music Question

    just wondering what music do they play during the game at the super bowl, who decides what songs to play? do the teams have input because seven nation would be awesome.

    p.s. how did seven nation start at ravens games if anyone knows?

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    Re: Super Bowl Music Question

    Quote Originally Posted by iggyman555 View Post
    p.s. how did seven nation start at ravens games if anyone knows?
    before the 2011 season the ravens wanted to have a song like the steelers have in Renegade that they play in the 4th quarter when the team needs a big defensive stand. So they had fans make suggestions then they had them vote on it and that was the song that was selected and the team proceeded to shove it down our throats playing it 5-6 times per game instead of once like it was intended. But it did catch on with the fans and the team but I think it is getting played out and should be retired after this season just like who let the dogs out was retired after the 2000 season

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    Re: Super Bowl Music Question

    Have to disagree on "retiring" Seven Nation Army. The Ravens wanted to find a crowd chant that we could use as a rallying cry. Was it a bit forced at first, yeah maybe a bit. Do I think it's annoying to hear people (without the crowd) trying to do the "ohhhh, oh, OH, oh oh ohhhh ohhhhh"? Yeah, a bit. But it can be powerful, just look at the end of the AFC Championship. The crowd KNEW we had the game won, because you could hear all the Ravens fan screaming the Seven Nation Army chant during the final Pats drive, all the way up through the Cary Williams INT.

    That kind of stuff is powerful, just look at this clip of Penn State with the song "Zombie Nation" (another song that has same annoying quality if someone just sings it alone):

    This one is a little less effective, since it's not really something you sing, but something you do. But while I'm posting videos, this one is pretty awesome:
    “When I think of a Baltimore Raven - we go in there, we take your lunch box, we take your sandwich, we take your juice box, we take your applesauce, and we take your spork and we break it. And we leave you with an empty lunch. That’s the Baltimore Raven way.” - Steve Smith Sr.

    Call me a Special Teams coach again. I dare you! I double dare you, MFer!


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