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    Re: The Pistol Offense, a Fad or Here to Stay?

    I'm not sure if the read option is going to see sustained success in the NFL, but I don't think you can judge them like the wildcat.

    When running the read option, the ball is snapped to the QB. So if you line up in pistol with the intent of running the zone read, the defense won't know if you're going to run or pass until you start running the play. In the wildcat you're pretty committed to running, so you become 1-dimensional.

    Chris Brown has written some good articles about both the read option and Pistol formation recently.

    From the 2nd link:
    Ault: Absolutely. I’m not here to tell you that the 49ers should run the read 16, 17 times a game. You can’t do that in the NFL. But I think by running the read play, it’s in your offensive system and you’re going to run it five times, nine times a game, it’s one more thing you’ve got to defend. And then when you throw the play-action pass off it, that’s another thing.
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    Re: The Pistol Offense, a Fad or Here to Stay?

    How many times has San Fransisco run the pistol formation this postseason?
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    Re: The Pistol Offense, a Fad or Here to Stay?

    This is probably oversimplifying it a bit, but in my mind the major advantage of the read option relative to traditional NFL run plays is that the QB now has value on your run play. In a traditional NFL run-play, the QB hands off and after that it's 10-on-11. In the read option a defender is left unblocked. The QB reads the motion of that defender, and decides whether to keep it or hand it off based on that players motion. The idea is to basically take that player out of the play. If done successfully, you're now pretty much playing 10-on-10.

    As others have pointed out, the primary disadvantage is exposing your QB to more hits. I think you can mitigate this to a degree if you just run the play a handful of times a game. You mitigate it further by having a QB that's smart enough to avoid hits by getting out of bounds and sliding. Vick and so far RGIII have been the poster children for how not to do this. If you take a bigger player like Kaepernick or Newton and they play smart, then maybe the cost-benefit analysis comes out in favor of using the read option from time-to-time. ... maybe
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    Re: The Pistol Offense, a Fad or Here to Stay?

    Quote Originally Posted by NOLARavenFAN View Post
    What I have been sayin' all week about Kaep, he runs like a sprinter really high...
    and holds the ball like a loaf of bread...

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    The running qbs won't last unless they learn how to be pocket passers and limit their running. These running qbs can't evade injuries and they will eventually slow down to where their running isn't as effective. There is a reason why running backs typically are done by 30.

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    Re: The Pistol Offense, a Fad or Here to Stay?

    the thing is, they change it weekly. Against the Pack he ran a LOT. Against the Falcons he didn't run much at all (21 yds). they can do a lot out of the formation
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    Re: The Pistol Offense, a Fad or Here to Stay?

    I was referring to the zone-read or the pistol zone-read variant that is in vogue. I agree, the only way it works in the pro game is if you have a quarterback that can run and throw, which is a rare athlete. And I agree defenses will defend it better next year or more optimistically, next game. A quarterbacks optioning to run often seems to be a way to shorten their career and teams are always looking for their next franchise quarterback.

    RG3 is an example to me of what can happen when your quarterback runs and while I hope he recovers, he'll need to avoid punishment to last in the league.

    I believe we can best exploit Kaepernicks inexperience is by keeping him in the collapsing pocket and make him throw. But that only happens only if we contain the zone-read running game. If he breaks some big runs that will give him confidence, so seal the edge. I hope we rattle him with some big hits. The Atlanta game made him look great, but the Ravens defense will present more pressure, a stiffer run defense and more confusing coverages.

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    Re: The Pistol Offense, a Fad or Here to Stay?

    Quote Originally Posted by Ravenswintitle View Post
    One thing I heard Pat Kirwan say yesterday. He broke down every play of Kaepernick's games and when he pulls the ball out of the belly of the RB and looks to throw, he is always going to throw in the direction he is facing.
    You have to believe that Ed Reed knows that too. If it plays out that way, he could be the 49ers leading receiver.

    It's also been stated that a large majority of their runs go to the right, and their passes to the left. Not sure how true that is, but even as athletic as they are, that won't fly against a good defense that watches a lot of film.

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    Re: The Pistol Offense, a Fad or Here to Stay?

    The trick would be to find a QB that plays every game after using that system. Hell, r2d2 didn't make it. Vick has made big bucks playing very little(fumbling alot too). Defense coaches will scheme against it after it has been used like this year. If the Ravens shut it down in the SB, I would image other teams won't rely on it so much. Couple of blind side hits on 9er QB and he fumbles, Smith will be in.


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