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    OL trade ---Pass first offense

    Seems to be weekly to want a trade for an ol. We are 4-0 with a serious playoff shot and now Mulitalo is out. We desparately need help-Another injury would be fatal.

    This Ol does not seem to be able to block for the run. I guess Zeus is missed in that respect. The attempts to pound Jamal into the line are futile. I would like to see more of Smith and Anderson. With a mobile McNair I think they could run after they loosen up the defense.

    In defense of the OL, I thought Merriamn and Castillo would kill McNair today and you barely heard either name mentioned.

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    Re: OL trade ---Pass first offense

    He was lucky, a lot of times. Hurried wayyy more than you want your QB to be.

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    Re: OL trade ---Pass first offense

    Yeah its not all about sacks,there was pressure all around McNair all day.

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    Re: OL trade ---Pass first offense

    True but if these guys hold a good team to hurries instead of broken limbs they have exceeded my expectations

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    Re: OL trade ---Pass first offense

    Pass first offense? Although I agree that the passing game has shown more spark than the running game thus far, I'm pretty sure the Ravens are either at or very close to a 50% pass 50% run ratio.

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    Re: OL trade ---Pass first offense

    the more I think aboutit, the more I agree. the opps keep putting 8 in the box, let's get a TE isolated on a slow LB and see what happens. I think they need to open up and use the pass to set up the run, instead of the traditional vice-versa. the strength of the O is at receiver, and I'd like to see more balls to Mason / Clayton / Heap / Demetrius W / Wilcox etc. all of these guys are breakouts and big plays waiting to happen.


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