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    Re: Steve Bisciotti on Super bowl live

    Bisciotti is a hands off owner. One of his quotes was something like I don't pretend to know football so I hire people who do.

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    Re: Steve Bisciotti on Super bowl live

    I posted the first day it sounded like HARBs decision all the way because of his wording and the way he put it.
    He said it's not about right or wrong. He was very adamant and took full responsibility for it.

    Then there were reports here that Bisciotti forced his hand after the Piss loss and HARBs stayed with CAM
    as long as he could.

    We'll never know for sure but Steve doesn't come across as a liar to me. We used to have a saying called
    Billick-speak, ie, bull shit. That's not Steve's way.

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    Re: Steve Bisciotti on Super bowl live

    Bisciotti does not seem like the kind of owner who would push for a hiring/firing either way, but he does seem like he would ask Harbaugh what his thought process was for keeping him or firing him and guide Harbs in being solid in his decision making process either way.


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