No definately not Wilbon. If you saw us, you'd never confuse us.


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Completely, utterly disagree but that's an argument for the Politics area of the boards.

PFT has always been a news AND rumor site. It says so right on its page and always has. If people get upset because they are doing as advertised, that's on the reader.

Same disagreement as before.
Don't get me wrong, I'm not upset by their content. I completely understand it and the motives behind it- it's entertaining and an easy/fun read!

But offering a website (or any news outlet) that offers BOTH news and rumors (but posts it all in the same place, in the same style format with ZERO differentiators) is troublesome, IMO because many people can't tell the two apart.

It's like those that "get their news" from The Daily Show. I love the Daily show too, but because I watch it, doesn't mean I'm abreast of the happenings around the world. There are tons of people that "get their NFL news" from PFT.