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What I see as the difference is not how much negative stuff there is on Baltimore or the Ravens. It's how much there isn't on the 49er's.

Joe says "retarded" and it's the top link on ESPN's NFL page, Mike and Mike are talking about it etc. 49er's CB says in a very intelligent way... that he would not like gay men in the locker room, and next to nothing.

That's just one example, but if anyone could find other negative articles on the 9er's I'd like to seem them, but I'd bet it's probably 10 to 1.
Besides the Ray Lewis stuff, and Joe Flacco, what other "negative" stuff is there?

The 49ers don't have a player who admitted to dealing with shady, moron who peddles supplements that at least are advertised as containing illegal substances. If they did, you can bet it would be out there and it would be an ongoing story.

And Cullivers comments are on NFL.com and ESPN.com's front page right now, and they were front and center last night.

The Ed Reed story is not "negative", the Art Modell HOF stuff is not "negative".

Everybody is not picking against us.