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Opposing fans/teams and the media don't have to like us, but they better damn sure respect us. Or we will just take that respect from them. Bring on the hate!
The haters are working overtime because they just can't accept they were ALL WRONG.
They HATE being called out for what they are and how piss poor they are, knowing nothing about the game of which they spew about.
They keep trying to find ANYTHING to knock the Ravens down, anything.
And it doesn't have to be true, just throw it out there.

IF it were the Giants, like last year, they would be held up high by the media and calling Eli elite over and over again.
IF it were the Cowboys even, they would be talking about how Romo got the monkey off his back.
IF it were Peyton, they would be still proclaiming he is the best quarterback ever...
Or IF it were Brady...look how smart Billichick is and Brady is the greatest quarterback ever...
But, it's the Ravens.
And ever single thing that can be shed in a bad light is being put in headlines.
They will take comments out of context and twisted and manipulate it into something it is not.
Ray is now being accused and convicted in the media with almost all of the evidence coming from a former male stripper trying to drive up his sales of garbage.