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    Re: Football Gameplan's Super Bowl XLVII Preview - Ravens vs Niners

    Quote Originally Posted by EmDiggy View Post
    As for the Unbalanced formation..its a legal formation as Kyle Cactus noted!

    At 2:29 of the video, in the bottom right corner of the whiteboard, you have a TE, two WRs and the RB lined up behind the line of scrimmage on the right side of the line. That's 5 men in the backfield, with 6 on the LoS, and that gets you pushed back 5 yards every-freakin'-time.

    Moreover, if one of the receivers steps up to the LoS, the TE who started out on the LoS is now covered & ineligible. And unless that receiver who steps up goes to the left side of the line, the LT remains uncovered & therefore eligible. If the receiver stepping up does go to the left end of the OL, then the formation is no longer unbalanced.

    If you want to diagram an unbalanced formation that's legal, you'd need to flip the TE on the LoS with the LG, & then move one of the WRs on the right side to the LoS to cover the latter up. But you simply cannot put 4 receivers out to one side of the line with a QB and RB in the backfield--the numbers just don't work.
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