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    Re: 53 Man Roster, 50 player radio shows

    Really, if you've never listened to her, you can stop defending her by challenging all those who are being critical. And you can stop denying you're defending her, too, it's kind of obvious you are. And being that obvious is not your style, Crazy. It's beneath you.
    I havent challegened any one. I simply asked a question. I cant get the station. I'm in NOVA. Holy Moly, I'm not defending her but I will point out a few questionable and cheesey reasons that seem to be the main reason alot posters point to as to why she is bad. One guy actually wrote that he doesnt listen to her just because she is a girl. That seems a little spiteful, dont you think. Why arent you calling that person out?
    WOW! I feel so fortunate that the Ravens did what they had to do to make this happen. Thank you. My Heart is with the Raven....My Heart is with Baltimore and its great fans. What can I say. Here We Go!!! --Ray Lewis
    No, Thank you Ray...

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    Re: 53 Man Roster, 50 player radio shows

    Quote Originally Posted by blitzin_ravin View Post
    I don't normally listen to the player's shows during the week. The only one I occasionally listen to is the replay of Nestor's shows since he always mixes up the players.

    As far as Anita is concerned, she reminds me of the Sun hiring Laura Vessey to write for them. DON'T BRING AN OUT OF TOWN SPORTS WRITER / PERSONALITY AND SHOVE THEM DOWN OUR THROATS. I don't listen to Anita purely on principle.
    It doesn't take that principle to shun her show. How about the principle of having a clue? She doesn't, and *NEWS FLASH* to all of the morons who watch her because she's Hot.....SHE'S NOT!!! AT ALL! Take away that hair, and she is plainly, and painfully homely!.....She'd make an UGLY transvestite

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    Re: 53 Man Roster, 50 player radio shows

    " The horse thing is a borderline cheap shot." No, Not nearly harsh enough!


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