Baltimore sports talk radio is now reaching the point of overkill with every night of the week offering a different Raven on a radio show.

It's sort of what you get with ESPN, ESPN2, ESPN Classic, ESPN News, The Ocho, etc. What more can these guys tell us?

Touchdown Baltimore with Johnny Unitas was a good show. You always got a different point of view from a classy man who knew football. Then on top of that we had some good radio getting to the meat of the NFL and the Ravens. Now with the addition to WNST's new programs, and the Viviano show and it's watered down sports talk, how can we get rev'd up over any more fluff?

I am looking forward to the Ray Lewis show, but I am expecting a lot of self serving, I'm the Best speak.

I kind of miss Nestor when he did the show with Baldi at the NFL Films center in New Jersey. That was good quality informative football talk.