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    Fox Sports ranks the Ravens #1 in North

    Very good analysis, finally it seems like someone outside of Baltimore watched our team!

    AFC North
    1. Baltimore Ravens
    Head coach: Brian Billick, 8th year
    2006 record: 13-3 (1st in AFC North); lost in divisional game to Indianapolis Colts
    Schein's projected record 11-5

    The defense is still the strength in Baltimore. (Ronald Martinez / Getty Images)

    Ozzie Newsome and company have put together one of the most balanced and potentially dominant teams. Forget Steve McNair's age. Focus on the fact that he's finally comfortable in his second year as a Raven. Todd Heap is healthy and we believe Demetrius Williams is going to blossom into McNair's favorite deep threat. Willis McGahee is the ideal Brian Billick running back and will thrive with a change of scenery. Don't worry about Jon Ogden not playing in the preseason. He's ready. And so is the dominant Baltimore defense. Ed Reed is the game's best safety. Ray Lewis, Terrell Suggs and Bart Scott change games. Haloti Ngata is about to become a star defensive tackle.

    That idiot Pete Prisco predicted that the Steelers were going to win the North regardless of what we did to them last year, and the fact that Big Ben'd record sucks when he has to pass more than 25 times a game.

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    Re: Fox Sports ranks the Ravens #1 in North

    This guy also picks us to lose the AFC Championship game to the Patriots.

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    Re: Fox Sports ranks the Ravens #1 in North

    Prisco is just trying to be different from everyone else. What he says is stupid. Pittsburgh is always going to be tough but they aren't better than the Ravens right now nor are they better than the Bengals.

    The subplot with them is going to be how LeBeau and Tomlin get along throughout the season since they have vastly different defensive philosophies. I really don't think Ben is fully recovered from the double smackdown we gave them last year. He had to wake up in a cold sweat fearing Bart Scott's hit.

    Anyway, the Foxsports analysis is dead on and it doesn't try to put on any of that media spin. I was happy with lack of any comments about McNair's arm... Lord knows there's enough of that going around this board already...
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