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    Re: Oh, geez, here it comes (dread)...

    From what I've read milk and salmon either contain their own IGF-1 or can stimulate it's production in the body.

    Are milk and salmon banned? What if players ate a shit ton of salmon and milk? Would that be considered using a banned substance?

    What is the extent of something being banned? You can't ingest/inject it at all? Like 0%? That seems impossible for something like IGF-1, if normal foods like milk and salmon contain it.

    Our drinking water has all sorts of contaminants, but they are below the levels set by government, and not deemed hazardous.

    I understand taking a concentrated form of IGF-1 being banned, but you can't completely ban something that occurs naturally. It seems to me you have to have some % levels of what would likely lead to performance enhancement. If something has 0.01% IGF-1, how much impact would it really have? Just like alcohol %'s and DUI. A certain % and you are in trouble, below that you are not.

    And the NFL set themselves up for failure by not requiring blood testing. If you ban certain things that can only be detected via blood, but then don't test blood, you are inviting suspicion and usage. I have little doubt PEDs are as rampant in the NFL as in the MLB, yet the MLB is held to a different standard.
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