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So here is what we have learned:

Witness credibility: Ross is pumping his company and has had veracity/legitimacy problems in the past. Simply put, not a credible source.

Other evidence: Alleged video and Ray Lewis interview in which he said he used SWATs among other things.

Linkage: IGF-1 is a banned substance. There is no proof that SWATs spray contains that substance other than Ross' word. The evidence shows that the substance cannot be maintained without deep freezing and that Ross doesn’t even manufacture the spray himself.

So, at worst, Ray took a sublingual spray for which there is no credible evidence that it contains a banned substance other than the word of a self-promoting former stripper with credibility issues.

Why is this a story again?

Thanks again, SI and PFT for pushing a half-assed story without running it to ground. Thanks also for dragging a legend through the mud without having credible evidence. And thanks for ruining Super Bowl week.

I hope this all goes away now so we can focus on the game.