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Questions: If the NFL knew about these SWAT allegations since the 2010 season, what have they done to implement testing of this IGF-1 substance? What notice did they give to the players named in that article? Is it true that there is still no testing of this substance? If not, why not?

Ray's state of mind goes into this. Before I crucify the guy, I would like to know whether or not he knew this was a banned substance. Hue Jackson was told to disassociate from SWATs. Was Ray told the same? Was he told it contained a banned substance?

I am not such a fool that I don't think these guys don't take vitamins/supplements, etc., to help their performance. At base, that is what Gatorade is. The real issues are: are they taking substances that give them an unfair advantage? Were those substances banned by the NFL? Did they know those substances are banned?

If the NFL warned Ray and all players about this deer antler potion stuff, and if he still ordered/used it, that would seem to imply he knew it was banned/wrong. If they took no steps and never told him or the NFLPA anything, it is very possible he had no idea what he was taking was banned/wrong, etc. Without more facts, we aren't going to be able to know.

It won't keep him from playing on Sunday, but it certainly closes the door on any possible return (as Ed Reed suggested). And it gives the haters more arrows for their quiver.
I don't think they NFL warned the guys about the deer antler stuff. They've banned IGF-1, which SWAT claims their product has in it.