The Euphamism Treadmill that was brought up was a great point.

MY issue with the "PC craze" isn't the intention, it's the execution. The problem is that the accepted term turns into a derogatory term adn is replaced now on a nearly annual basis. It is becoming increasingly hard o "keep up with the times" an use today's corrrect terminology for a certain subset of the populace.

Let's use those people that due to genetics are Far shorter then average. Midget, Dwarf... been bad for a while. Ok no problem, I can avoid those terms. So first I was trained to say vertically challenged or height challenged, and now "little people" is the term. The problem, to me, is that the new term is the most condescending of all so it is only a matter of time before a new term is born. It is far easier for a society to conform with new fangled terminology when it isn't such a quickly moving target. Like it's on a treadmill.