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Because of the freedom of speech... and you have the right to think that a person who uses word X is a Y.
Ah freedom of speech.

You're right, freedom of speech dictates that none of us have any right to prevent anyone else from calling something retarded.

But it cuts both ways, so WE can say that anyone who insists on using retarded as a pejorative is an asshole. (Note, Flacco is not an asshole because he recognized his gaffe and immediately retracted it. It's the folks who seem hell bent on insisting that he shouldn't have had to who I'm talking about here.)

Again, NO ONE is FORCING ANYONE to be PC. There are no word police, thought police, or idea police. No one who calls things they don't like retarded is going to be dragged into the street and shot.

You are free to call anything you want retarded. But you are not free from being called out for that.