His numbers have been nothing but "elite" since Caldwell took over (105.5 QBR 12TD 1 INT). The ability has always been there, he just hasnt been put in position to put up the stats that others do, nor was he asked to. Most people say the inconsistency is the biggest issue but hes been completely consistent since Caldwell took over. Assuming its true that they offered him that based on what they felt he was capable of before, how can they not project him higher now. 16 million is where theyre at, hes raised his negotiating point to 20. they meet at 17 or 18 a year thats not really beyond the realm of plausible. 96-108 million over 6 years, structured properly wont be much different and congrats to Flacco for saying hes a top 5 and going out and getting exactly that despite the haters.