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    Re: PREDICTIONS: Super Bowl - 49ers vs. Ravens, score, MVP, and explain...

    Ravens 30
    Niners 10
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    Re: PREDICTIONS: Super Bowl - 49ers vs. Ravens, score, MVP, and explain...

    Ravens 31 Niners 20 Ravens will get a big turnover and pull away in the second half. MVP- Joe Flacco

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    Re: PREDICTIONS: Super Bowl - 49ers vs. Ravens, score, MVP, and explain...

    31-14 Ravens

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    Re: PREDICTIONS: Super Bowl - 49ers vs. Ravens, score, MVP, and explain...

    I watched last year's game recently and I'm feeling confident the Ravens will win. The Ravens will protect the edge and box Kapernick in. His lack of experience is best exploited when he throws and he'll throw at least one pick. Gore will have some success running and I expect him to get at least 100 yards. The Ravens D will bend but not break and hold them to under 20 points.

    Offensively, someone might blow a gasket if we run on consecutive first downs but I bet that happens, especially early. Joe will win this game with his arm, but we have to keep them off balance enough that their pass rush does not reappear. Both Smiths have struggled towards the end of the year and I don't think enough has been made of that. Joe hits at least 3 passes of 20 yards or more.

    Ravens 27
    49ers 17

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    Re: PREDICTIONS: Super Bowl - 49ers vs. Ravens, score, MVP, and explain...

    Quote Originally Posted by alienrace View Post
    I've been leaning more and more towards Ravens blowout in recent days.

    First, the trends of the two defenses are in complete opposite directions. That to me is the single biggest factor.

    Second, the disparity in schedule strength. The Ravens at #4, Niners #24, really lends to me believing the Niners are over-rated to at least some degree. Now, not completely, because they were very impressive in beating Green Bay and New England on the road this season.

    Lastly, I just have a hard time believing that a QB with 9 games experience, is going to fare well against the Ravens in a big game.
    The key to this game will be stopping Gore and the SF halfbacks.

    There's no way Kp will be able to carry them, either through the air or running the ball. The Ravens will hit him hard if he tries to run.

    Flacco and co will score through the air. There's no question about that, playing in a dome, on a fast field, and against a suspect SF secondary. This will put a lot of pressure on Kp. Again, SF's best chance will be to control the time of possession with Gore and score on long drives.

    I believe the Ravens have already beaten a better team than SF in Denver, on their field, and have beaten (dominated) a team at least as good as SF in NE, on their field and for a trip to the SB (not a regular season game like the 49ers win).

    A lot will ride on turnovers, as always. The Ravens offense has been very good at not turning the ball over recently.

    I will be surprised if the Ravens don't win but, that's why they play the games.

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    Re: PREDICTIONS: Super Bowl - 49ers vs. Ravens, score, MVP, and explain...

    I don't make predictions, but I will say the best case for the Ravens winning I've seen was put forward by my former team mate Ben Stockwell at PFF:

    The Case for the Ravens…
    By Ben Stockwell

    Having called for a Baltimore Super Bowl win in our preseason picks column way back at the start of the season (included here for your amusement) it was clear that I had to be the person to set out the case for the Ravens to defeat the 49ers in New Orleans on Sunday. That said, I absolutely don’t deny that I have the harder case to make, as the Super Bowl draws ever closer it is undeniable that San Francisco looks like the stronger team on paper.

    However, the game isn’t played on paper and with the way the Ravens have ridden a wave of momentum, it’s clear that they don’t need to win every single down to collect their second Lombardi Trophy in just over a decade. Against a team that is happy to slow the game down and shorten it in terms of snaps, Baltimore doesn’t need many quick-strike drives to turn the game in their favor.

    For the Ravens that puts a premium on making timely big plays and they’ve come through in spades in just that area over the last month of the season. To win this game the Ravens don’t need to control it from start to finish and choke the life out of the 49ers — more is the point: they aren’t good enough to do that. How the Ravens can, and will, win this game is through timely big plays (the way they beat the Denver Broncos) and by hanging close before taking over the game for a 10-15 minute spell and fully capitalizing on that control.

    The latter tactic is exactly how they beat the Patriots and momentum tends to play a big role in deciding Super Bowls. Momentum shifts are all about making big plays and, though the Ravens may lack the consistency to control the game, they have players on both sides of the ball that can make those momentum-shifting plays. On defense they have Paul Kruger who was a one-man wrecking crew in the wildcard victory over the Colts. He could easily remind everyone of the kind of pass protector that Anthony Davis was in 2011 (-8.4 pass protection grade, 10 sacks allowed) and could extract a big play from Joe Staley who, for all of his consistency, surrendered nine sacks this season including the playoffs.

    In coverage, the Ravens have made timely plays with Corey Graham’s efforts against both the Colts (+2.0 coverage, 2 pass defenses) and the Broncos (+1.9 coverage, 2 interceptions), and free safety Ed Reed is overdue, having not collected an interception or pass defense since Week 13.

    When the Ravens make that tsunami swinging play they have the players on offense who have a habit of getting on hot streaks and maximizing momentum when they have it. Anquan Boldin isn’t always a 60-minute receiver, but for spells that range between 10 and 30 minutes he can be absolutely uncoverable and can boss a secondary physically. Combine that with Torrey Smith’s big-play ability that will stretch the 49ers’ secondary vertically and create space for both Boldin and Ray Rice, in both the run and passing game, and you have all of the performers you need to make the most of a game-changing opportunity.

    A football game lasts 60 minutes, but the Ravens don’t need to win all 60 to take the Lombardi Trophy. They need to stay close enough that when the momentum swings their way their clutch performers can take the game away from San Francisco with a series of big plays, or a period of dominance from which the 49ers just can’t recover. The Ravens will get their chances and then it simply becomes a case of capitalizing on as many of those opportunities as possible.
    I completely agree with him on how they can win this game. And that's why this game is scary. The niners aren't a flashy team, they grind with their pure phyiscality and the Ravens haven't faced a team like that on their current hot streak.

    I've had a sneaking feeling since the middle of last week that Ed Reed is going to play a big part in this game.

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    Re: PREDICTIONS: Super Bowl - 49ers vs. Ravens, score, MVP, and explain...

    I'll do a complete prediction including stats.

    Ravens 31-23

    The first half will be relatively slow. The 49ers will have a 10-3 lead and then Pitta will catch a TD from Joe late in the first half to tie it. The halftime score will be 10-10. The Ravens will score a TD on their opening 2nd half possession on a pass to Torry deep to go ahead 17-10. 49ers get a FG - 17-13. Late in the 3Q Ed Reed will bait Kaepernick into a pick 6 - Ravens 24-13. Another FG for San Fran - 24-16. In the 4th Ngata will get a bone jarring hit on LaMichael James and recover a fumble. The Ravens will then methodically drive down the field. Rice gets a rushing TD. The Ravens will actually be ahead 31-16 and SF will score a garbage TD with a couple minutes left. Final score 31-23 Baltimore.

    MVP: Flacco (with a slight possibility of Reed)


    Flacco 23 att -37 comp 284 yards 2 TD
    Rice 19 att - 65 rushing yds, 1 TD 3 rec, 27 yds
    Pierce 10 att - 55 rushing yds 1 rec, 8 yds
    Pitta 6 rec, 74 yds, 1 TD
    Bolden 6 rec, 65 yds
    Smith 4 rec, 95 yds, 1 TD
    Dickson 1 rec, 6 yds
    Doss 1 rec, 5 yds
    Leach 1 rec, 4 yds

    Reed 1 Int, 1 TD (48 yd int TD return)
    Ngata 1 FF, 1 FR
    Lewis 11 tackles

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    Re: PREDICTIONS: Super Bowl - 49ers vs. Ravens, score, MVP, and explain...

    Joe Flacco has more playoff starts than Colin Kapernick has NFL starts. This difference in experience will be the difference as the Ravens get two td passes (one Boldin, one Torrey Smith) and 50 yards receiving from Dennis Pitta.
    Kaepernick throw two interceptions.
    Baltimore 27
    San Fran 17
    "Nothing stops these Baltimore Ravens. Beat them, injure them, shove them to the bottom of the standings, drag them into a hostile environment and mount a big lead, and they just keep trudging forward like nothing fazes them." (Bleacher Report)

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    Re: PREDICTIONS: Super Bowl - 49ers vs. Ravens, score, MVP, and explain...

    Ravens: 28
    49'ers: 24

    I have no false conceptions that the 49ers are not going to put up points on the Ravens. I would be surprised if they got shut down. But everyone now seems to just focus on what the offense of the 49ers will do, and not what the Ravens are capable of now. The Ravens are absolutely capable of getting into a shootout with the 49ers, and I think that if they did, the Ravens come out on top of that.

    MVP is either Flacco or Boldin.

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    Re: PREDICTIONS: Super Bowl - 49ers vs. Ravens, score, MVP, and explain...

    Ravens 33
    49 ers 25

    Ray Rice will be MVP, Ed Reed will make a key interception late in the game similar to Troy Palumalu five years ago in the AFC championship game.

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    Re: PREDICTIONS: Super Bowl - 49ers vs. Ravens, score, MVP, and explain...

    Áfter reading Ngata's quote in another thread I'm ready to give my prediction. I was a little concerned about this matchup and I had a hard time getting a good "feel" for how I think it's going to play out. Initially, I expect a hard hitting defensive struggle as both teams seek to exert their will on the other. But in the end the Ravens win 27-23, with MVP honors going to either Reed or Flacco.

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    Re: PREDICTIONS: Super Bowl - 49ers vs. Ravens, score, MVP, and explain...

    My head says it will be a close game but in my heart I just have a feeling that Ravens win much bigger. Nothing quantifiable to back that up other than a gut feeling. The Ravens managed to make two of the better QB's this league has in Manning and Brady look pretty average. I cant buy what the MSM is trying to sell which is that a kid with just 9 games starting in the NFL is going to have substantially more success than those two guys against a veteran led defense

    I see the final being 30-20 and its only that close due to a late SF TD. Flacco is MVP with 2 TD.
    “A linebacker's job is to knock out running backs, to knock out receivers, to chase the football,”
    -Ray Lewis


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