I have an apartment three blocks off of Bourbon St. (on Rampart St) for the SB and have one/two spots available if you are interested. There currently are 3 guys in the apartment. We are all HUGE Ravens fans and we are all season ticket holders at M&T Bank Stadium.

We have the apartment for four (4) nights beginning on 2/1 and departing on 2/5 by 11am.

Cost would be as follows - our cost for the four nights is $3,394 (could forward invoice for confirmation):

One person - $3,394 / 4 people / 4 nights = $212 per night. Stay as many as four nights. Total would be $848.

Two people - $3,394 / 5 people / 4 nights = $170 per night per person. Stay as many as four nights. Total per person would be $680.

Those who are currently staying in the room (I'm one) are all professional individuals in our mid-30s to early 40s. We will enjoy all that Bourbon St has to offer, the casino and the windowless establishments. We ARE NOT interested in anyone who cannot control themselves and/or have any aspirations to start trouble. If you are interested, please send me a message here to discuss. I realize that you don't know me personally, but screening will be an important part of adding anyone.