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    Re: And the Head Super Bowl Referee is ...

    Just wondering half-seriously --

    Do game officials get tested, randomly or otherwise, for PEDs, or deer whiz, or similar stuff?

    As far as the selection of Boger, I hate to see a "black guy" getting set up to be the focus of this officiating assignment controversy. I'd rather the NFL say overtly that they are looking for creative ways to provide more diversity of race at all levels of league administration, such as they sorta do with the Rooney Rule, than to dick around with Boger's performance assessments, change eligibility rules, etc. I also suspect, although I have no evidence that this is true, that there IS some "retribution" factor in play regarding the replacement refs issue and the "golden children" officials of whom the league wants to send a not so subtle message.

    No pun intended, but IMHO this gives the NFL a bit of a black eye.

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    Re: And the Head Super Bowl Referee is ...

    Quote Originally Posted by HoustonRaven View Post
    Jerome Boger
    ... Some other referees are claiming he was downgraded eight times for blown calls this season yet, on appeal, all eight downgrades were reversed by the league...
    Last Summer I played in two softball games. I struck out 8 times. Is it too late to appeal the rule that a batter gets "only" three strikes? ... Bc

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    Re: And the Head Super Bowl Referee is ...

    Quote Originally Posted by mjones73 View Post
    They're probably right, but why not select Mike Carey again then? He's about as good and as consistent as they get....

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    Re: And the Head Super Bowl Referee is ...

    Jerome talks like The Ladies Man so I always get a chuckle watching his games.


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