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    Re: Watching the redskins film..

    Everyone is talkin' Ray. :)
    Kruger has a lot of speed, he might make things interesting too. Also that track and warmer weather is going to help Suggs out a lot.
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    Re: Watching the redskins film..

    Suggs didn't play that game either. Ngata says he's much, much healthier than he was during that part of the season, what with getting 2 weeks off out of the last 5. His play reflects that as well. He's been a disruptive force in the middle in the playoffs.

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    Re: Watching the redskins film..

    Funny, im pretty sure these were all things pointed out at the time but didnt stop the "sky is falling" mentality. Now that were in the superbowl people will recognize just how banged up the team was at the time.

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    Re: Watching the redskins film..

    Quote Originally Posted by Ravenswintitle View Post
    we had Chris freakin' Johnson playing corner at the end of that game, in fact he was a big reason for the loss. There were just too many injuries on D
    He was arguably the main reason for the loss. I'm loathe to blame any one play for a loss, but his was a pretty big screw-up. If he defends his man instead of trying to be a hero, Cousins doesn't get an easy pitch-and-catch with Garcon.

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    Re: Watching the redskins film..

    Not to mention the bonehead pi call he got on 4th down to keep their drive alive.


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