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We've steamed oysters in the backyard before and during each playoff game this year, and watched each game at home. So we have no choice but to do the same next Sunday.

One thing I just realized is, that for whatever reason, we've had a different group of friends over for each game.... due to schedules, people being out of town, and differeing fan allegiances (first game watched with two Skins fans (and a Bills fan). Second game we had two bills fans (different from the Bills fan who was over for the wild card game). Third game was a couple who are Giants fans (they live across the street), and another couple from here (next door neighbors) with no allegiance at all.

No group the same.

So should I invite them all this time, just to be safe, and maximize the collective good-luck power they have brought us?

Or do we keep the pattern going by having yet another group of different people altogether?!?!? and not inviting any of the people we invited before???
That's quite a conundrum. Let me ponder it a while.