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    Re: Ozzie on Cam's firing

    The only thing that matters is CAM IS GONE

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    Quote Originally Posted by Navy Raven View Post
    The only thing that matters is CAM IS GONE
    Yep who cares at this point. He's gone and were in the dance

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    Re: Ozzie on Cam's firing

    Quote Originally Posted by MarkS View Post
    Sure. Closer than Ozzie?

    So we have a choice to believe an unnamed "source" developed by a guy who runs a fan website, or the senior front office official of the organization, who went on record. The only way Tony is right and Ozzie wrong, is if Ozzie himself is part of the conspiracy to cover up the truth.

    Everyone here is entitled to choose what to believe, obv. I believe Ozzie...guess I'm just being naive.
    You are being a bit naive, imo. Because there is absolutely no good that can come out of announcing/admitting that Harbaugh was pressured at this point (and there is bad that can come from it). Therefore there is no real chance that Ozzie says that, regardless of what actually happened. As soon as you realize that his answer is going to be what it was in all possible cases, then you can completely dismiss its value. Doesn't indicate that there was pressure, but neither does it rule it out; his answer doesn't help us at all.

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    Quote Originally Posted by TL24x7 View Post
    Just trying to share what I've learned. Take it for what it's worth which to you apparently isn't much.

    You are now free to move about the circular cabin...
    Got your back on this one.


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