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Thread: Webb

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    Quote Originally Posted by Captain Silver View Post
    Fuck J.J., he ran off to Sand Diego to chase $$$. I hope he bought an expensive couch to watch the game on.
    This is how I feel about Johnson, Grubbs, and Jason Brown.

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    Re: Webb

    Quote Originally Posted by StingerNLG View Post
    This is how I feel about Johnson, Grubbs, and Jason Brown.

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    +1 They chose to sign deals elsewhere. Nothing against that, but I'm damn sure not feeling bad for them.

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    Re: Webb

    Quote Originally Posted by kronusthebonus View Post
    At least he can take solace in the fact that he contributed solidly in 5 full games.
    Funny thing, Mel Kiper gave that draft a B based on getting Webb and he dropped it from an A for drafting Oher.

    Just think how much stronger we'd be next week with Webb vs that so called pistol offense and we still should wim w/o
    him. It shows how much talent
    and depth we have plus JImmy has been out all year too. Ozzie keeps drafting and signing these guys off the
    street when someone goes down and the Ravens keep winning w/o mising a beat.

    Lombardi's Packers did the same thing. They were like inter-changeable parts when Jim Taylor went down and
    Elijah Pitts came in to beat us or Bart Star went down and Zeke Bratkowski came in to beat us.

    Ravens are made the same winning way.

    Webb will still get his ring and pay day.

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    Re: Webb

    I think Ed Reed goes a long way towards making sure our guys are properly in position and that this is one of the reasons we seem to be able to insert almost anyone (Josh Wilson, Danny Gorrer, Cary Williams, Chykie Brown, Corey Graham) and have them play at a stud level. Even Jimmy, when healthy, was playing very solidly.

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    Re: Webb

    Quote Originally Posted by CoverD View Post
    Next man up.
    A credit to the coaching staff for sure.

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    Re: Webb

    I can't say I feel bad for them because I've been in that position and it didn't bother me.

    The last year we won a national championship, I was a back-up offensive lineman. Played in every game of the season and the play-offs. The NCAA, being the incredibly stupid pieces of scum sucking shit that those cock stabbing bastards really are*, have a rule in place that you had to dress two players fewer than normal for the national championship game. Coach Wallace darned sure wasn't about to dress the last O-lineman on the depth chart , so I got to stand on the sideline and freeze my butt off. It sucked a little not playing, but it was cool knowing I helped the team get there.

    I'm really struggling to explain this to folks who haven't been there. My senior year of high school, we won three total games. I played my heart out because, hey, it's football. When I didn't dress for the NC game, I wasn't upset about not playing because it was the NC game, I was upset because, hey, it's football.

    * I am not angry at the NCAA for that particular stupid rule regarding players on NC squads. I am upset because I graduated high-school with a 3.5 GPA and made a 31 on the ACT. The NCAA decided, after I had gone through all of training camp in college, that I was academically ineligible. They never provided a sound reason for me being ineligible, just that I was. It's my sincere, albeit desperate, hope that everyone who works for the NCAA is hunted down by roving packs of ravenous aardvarks and disposed of in the most painful way imaginable.
    "A moron, a rapist, and a Pittsburgh Steeler walk into a bar. He sits down and says, Hi Im Ben may I have a drink please?

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    Re: Webb

    Quote Originally Posted by darb72 View Post
    I'm really struggling to explain this to folks who haven't been there.
    I didn't go through that either, but I understand. Sounds like the NCAA wanted you to develop character through adversity, the bastards. Webb has to feel frustration and a few other things, but I expect he'll fight his way back next year.


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