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I am actually fine with the ranking. It is meaningless next week.

What struck me is how much younger Sam Bradford and Matt Stafford are than Flacco. It all kind of blurs together, but those guys seem so much more beaten up than Flacco. I think of Flacco as a guy that will be around for another decade and I feel like Bradford is about 1 hit away from retiring.
Absolutely. I think the most underrated piece of value Flacco has is his durability. Bill Barnwell did a great job talking about this at the beginning of the year:


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Flacco's post-season rating being the same as Ryan's is due mostly to Flacco's poor performance's in both his rookie and second year. It's not exactly surprising that he didn't do all that well in those games (especially considering he was hurt in one).

And Ryan's receivers are not slightly better than Flacco's, there is a good bit of margin between them. White, Jones and Gonzo are number 1's on pretty much any team in the league.
Fair enough, though this is probably balanced by having a better O-line, and a much better running game and defense. I definitely thing comparing their "standard" stats requires a lot of balancing, but the advanced stats do a good (not perfect) job of this.