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    Really Funny Harbaugh Story on Sportscenter

    Just heard a hilarious item on ESPN -

    Something to the tune of Ma and Pa Harbaugh on a "national press conference" (sounded like a phone interview). The announcer tells them they have a caller on the line, "John, from Baltimore", who asks something to the tune of, "Is it true that you love Jim more than your son, John?"

    There's a pregnant, almost embarrassed pause, and then a lot of "WHo is this?", etc. If you hear the recording, it's obvious that it's our coach, but apparently he said his sister Joanie was unaware and ready to jump through the phone line to strangle the "caller".

    I guess ya had to be there...

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    Re: Really Funny Harbaugh Story on Sportscenter

    hahaha zinno tweeted something like that, thats hilarious


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