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    Breakdown of AFCCG (Long)

    So this game was another fun one to watch. Except for the stupid horn that was blaring at Foxborough. That thing pissed me off a lot, since I watched this game three times including the live one. Without further ado, here's my breakdown

    Quarter 1 - Cam Cameron in da house

    • 14:40 - Ravens aren't ready for this snap. Easy throw made to Hernandez.
    • 13:40 - Ellerbe runs all the way around the right edge and catches Ridley from behind. Pretty impressive.
    • 13:00 - Dropped ball by Welker which is actually just a bad throw. It was about a step ahead of him
    • 12:57 - Ravens call timeout on a well executed fake punt. Patriots completely fooled the Ravens by sticking Mallet under center.
    • 12:48 - Jacoby fair catches, not sure why. Looked pretty clear downfield
    • 12:43 - So starts the dreaded Cam Cameron offense. Brutally obvious run-run-pass playcalls. This series leads to a pretty pathetic three and out.
    • 11:30 - Welker breaks what feels like 12 tackles on this kick return, clawing his way for an extra 10-12 yards. 2 holding calls completely nullify it.
    • 10:25 - Missed tackle by Pollard, gives the pats and extra 3 yards. I'm going to highlight a lot of these, because there sure were a lot of them
    • 9:52 - Brady under a bit of pressure, throws to the right at a receiver who either wasn't there, or definitely wasn't looking because it goes to absolutely no one.
    • 9:45 - Tom Brady sits in the pocket for 4.5 seconds. We have no pressure whatsoever. Easy first down converstion.
    • 9:12 - Brady gets hit after he throws by Ellerbe. Completely misses his throw.
    • 9:07 - Missed tackle by Chykie Brown. Turns a stop for a loss to a first down conversion.
    • 8:10 - Cary Williams gets burnt on a good curl by Lloyd. Big gain for little effort.
    • 7:03 - Corey Graham breaks through the line almost immediately after the snap and takes down Ridley for no gain. Fantastic play.
    • 6:24 - An interesting field goal here, mainly because it shows a facet of the Raven's thought process. They're clearly scared of a fake FG, because the defenders on the outside hold contain instead of attempting to stop the field goal.
    • 6:13 - Great pass to the flats to a wide open Vonta Leach. One of our few early posessions that didn't start with a run.
    • 5:18 - Joe is under pressure, throws deep to his reliable receiver Boldin. Overthrows it completely, although I feel like the wind definitely factored into this throw.
    • 5:11 - Crossing route to Boldin, covered by Talib. Boldin had an earlier start, but he definitely doesn't have the speed to match up with Talib. Knocked down on what undoubtedly wouldn't have been a first down anyways.
    • 3:35 - Brady throws a screen to Hernandez as hes getting hit. Kruger is in position and makes a huge jump, forcing Brady to overthrow.
    • 2:48 - Fair catch by Reed. Good call, since the ball hangs for like 10 seconds and the Patriots are all over him.
    • 2:40 - Pierce is ridiculous. He showcases a huge amount of elusiveness. Oher throws a key block that allows this run to go as far as it did.
    • 1:35 - Joe goes deep for Pitta. The ball floats just out of his reach. This is when Joe is still throwing with the wind.
    • 1:23 - Welker with a big run on the return. What the hell is going on with our special teams? If McClellan doesn't trip him up, this is a sure touchdown.
    • 1:14 - Patriots defender gets away with a pretty obvious hold on Suggs right in front of a ref. No grounding on the play because the ball went past the line.
    • 0:30 - Not sure what happens here. Ball plays pinball off of Cary Williams, and Kruger lets it slip right through his hands. Should have been an easy pick.

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    Re: Breakdown of AFCCG (Long)

    Quarter 2 - These are high powered offenses?
    • 14:37 - Flacco finds Pitta up the seam wide open. Torrey Smith doesn't even make it 2 yards down the field after being completely dominated at the line.
    • 14:05 - Osemele fails to take his man out of the block, leading to Rice with a gain of 2
    • 13:34 - Rice shows why we always dump it off to him. Stiff arms Spikes for a first down.
    • 12:20 - Screen to Pierce, one of the few successful ones on the day. Pierce turns what should have been a gain of 2 into a first down. I love this dude.
    • 11:35 - First real deep completion. Torrey grabs it in double coverage by jumping about 7 feet in the air. Or something. Flacco gets hit on this play, but shrugs it off.
    • 9:38 - Great attempt at a fake here. Instead of doing the obvious run, Flacco instead trys for a drifting pass to Pitta in the corner. Didn't work, but it's nice to see some creativity.
    • 9:30 - Ray Rice with a fantastic stiff arm on Hightower. Runs on the outside for a touchdown. The blocking from the O-line was actually kind of poor on this play.
    • 9:16 - Stupid stupid stupid move by Ellerbe. Hits someone on the head for really no reason. Reaction.
    • 6:58 - Brady audibles into a screen, and Welker turns it into a big play. Ravens overcommit on the blitz.
    • 5:12 - Pollard sniffs the pass. Bats down the pass with no issues.
    • 4:20 - Blown coverage here between Graham and Brown. They mixed up the switch off for an easy Welker touchdown. Graham signalled for the switch off, and Brown messed it up.
    • 4:14 - Jones gets absolutely no field position. Once again, no idea what the hell is wrong with our special teams that was dominant all season
    • 3:45 - Pierce is stupidly fast.
    • 3:10 - Flacco gets sacked. It was a combination of Flacco stepping up and Ninkovich making a great play. Flacco stepped up into the one position McKinnie couldn't cover.
    • 2:40 - Very fast punt that had no hang time, and a broken tackle gives Welker about 20 yards on the return.
    • 1:58 - Brady runs into the ref...pretty funny. The only call that went in our way the whole night =P
    • 0:53 - Beautiful fake by the Patriots with a direct snap to Woodhead. Converts the 4th and 1
    • 0:44 - Brady under pressure, cant find anyone open, just throws the ball into the ground
    • 0:34 - Smith and Reed almost kill each other.
    • 0:28 - Kruger on Hernandez...obvious mismatch. First down for Hernandez
    • 0:21 - Brady kicks Ed Reed directly in the knee. No one says anything about this. Terrible clock management by the Patriots leads to a field goal.

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    Re: Breakdown of AFCCG (Long)

    Quarter 3 - Screw it, just give Flacco the damn ball

    • 15:00 - Jones finally gets better field position than the 20.
    • 14:20 - Jim Caldwell finally escapes from whatever prison Cam Cameron has been keeping him in. He immediately starts calling a billion passing plays and letting Flacco finally play. This is the turning point right here, because Flacco starts shreedding the Patriots.
    • 14:15 - Pass to Boldin in coverage. Boldin does what hes good at and goes up and makes the contested catch.
    • 13:35 - Rice buried in the backfield. Our line turned into a giant hole or something.
    • 13:05 - Flacco's arm hit while throwing. Dennard is completely mugging Torrey with no call.
    • 12:55 - Flacco overthrows Torrey Smith by like...40 feet. No idea what happened here.
    • 12:46 - Welker fair catches at the 9. We finally get them in bad starting position
    • 11:16 - Pollard flagged on shoulder to helmet contact. Good call actually.
    • 11:00 - Brady tries to go deep, and fails. Overthrows Hernandez by quite a bit. Well covered by Cary Williams
    • 10:55 - Ngata shows why hes still awesome. The entire Ravens D Line gets pushed back, but not Ngata. Instead he makes a tackle for a gain of 3
    • 10:15 - Welker drops an easy pass, wide open.
    • 10:04 - Reed calls fair catch. Patriots defender falls over and nails him on the head, helmet to helmet. Still not sure if this is a good call, but I can almost gaurantee if it was Welker in that position, it would have been fair catch interference.
    • 10:00 - Dennard flagged on interference on Doss. Its a good call, because Dennard is pushing Doss around.
    • 9:51 - Flacco lines up in the shotgun. Rice picks up Ninkovich and allows Flacco to find Pitta up the seam, which is becoming one of Flacco's favorite plays
    • 9:24 - Torrey and Arrington both fall down. Good no-call
    • 9:16 - Flacco under pressure, sidearms to Rice who showcases his receiving threat and makes a big play for a first.
    • 8:10 - Draw play to Pierce. Pierce breaks 2 tackles for a first.
    • 7:40 - Flacco overthrows a lot. Most likely the wind on this play
    • 7:30 - Flacco goes to his main man, Boldin for an easy first.
    • 6:50 - Mayo lays a huge hit on Pitta that definitely would have been flagged if the positions were switched
    • 6:20 - Pitta pretends like noting happened on the last play, and just goes ahead and scores the touchdown.
    • 5:00 - Although its really close, I'm fairly positive McPhee tipped this pass for an incompletion.
    • 4:45 - Screen to Rice for pretty much nothing. NE is really really good against the screen.
    • 4:10 - Flacco is about to get hit, but Torrey finds a huge soft spot in the zone. Makes a beautiful cut to the center of the field for an easy first down
    • 2:36 - Flacco goes deep for Torrey, and the ball just slowed down in mid-air. The wind is really a factor here.
    • 2:30 - Pierce breaks a tackle for a first down. Breaks another tackle for an extra 4 yards.
    • 2:00 - Pierce takes it straight up the middle and drags like 5 defenders with him because screw logic.
    • 1:30 - Pitta cuts across the middle for an easy reception and first down. The middle of the field is a beautiful place since Cam went away.

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    Re: Breakdown of AFCCG (Long)

    Quarter 4 - Tom Brady looks like a chump

    • 15:00 - Flacco throws to Boldin over the top. Boldin delivers by going straight over the head of the defender. Touchdown Ravens.
    • 13:17 - Quick pass to Lloyd on the right side. Lloyd makes an awesome spin and jukes out Chykie Brown. Big missed tackle leads to a first down
    • 12:55 - The huge hit on Ridley. I think everyone knows about this one, so no need to talk about it here
    • 12:46 - Smith makes another great cut to the middle of the field. You really get the feeling no one is used to us using the middle of the field, because every time someone makes a cut there, they're wide open
    • 12:16 - Flacco scrambles to a wide open left field. Whoever says Flacco can't scramble or move is an idiot. 14 yards for a first down
    • 11:24 - Flacco goes over the top to Boldin again. Boldin makes a great catch on the run spinning around. Perfectly placed throw in the endzone. Flacco's accuracy on medium passes has definitely improved
    • 11:13 - McCourty breaks a tackle by Sean Considine and cuts back to the left side of the field. Picks up an extra 7 or 8 yards he shouldn't have had.
    • 10:19 - First down by Vereen. More notable is the attitude of the Patriots before the snap. They're definitely playing much more cautiously and without the oomph they usually do. Scared.
    • 8:43 - Another example of scraed people. Vereen looks upfield and is definitely not watching the ball as much as he should
    • 8:36 - 4th and 4 for Brady. Fantastic downfield coverage. No one is open, so Brady has to scramble. People sometimes forget how fast Haloti Ngata actually is, and he runs Brady down, and Brady knows he can't get away. Makes a horrible throw for a turnover on downs
    • 8:00 - The most incomprehensible series of downs here. All we really want is to kill time, so Caldwell goes ahead and calls 3 passing plays, with one being a sack. Horrible playcalling that gives the patriots the ball back about 60 seconds later
    • 7:35 - Wes Welker finds a huge open hole in the zone, and Graham is burnt on a double move. Biggest play they get all night, but completely negated by McPhee batting a pass directly into Ellerbe's arms. It should be noted that McPhee read this one perfectly
    • 6:03 - Rice bounces to the outside with a great block by Leach. Leach has been scarcely highlighted recently, but he's still there, making plays
    • 4:35 - Pierce goes straight up the middle with 2 Patriots hanging on to him. Doesn't care. Pushes ahead for 5 yards.
    • 3:08 - Leach gets a nice handoff and just plows through the line. Pretty funny to watch. Another first down.
    • 2:15 - Oher gets beat by his man, and Rice gets stopped behind the line for a loss.
    • 2:10 - Koch's punt is *almost* blocked. Very very close.
    • 2:05 - Bullshit clock here. Should have taken us to the 2 minute warning, instead goes to 2:03. Free play for the Pats. Good thing Ngata owns Brady
    • 1:40 - Suggs gets pressure on Brady and hits him. Brady throws and the pass falls behind the LoS. This SHOULD have been intentional grounding since there wasn't an eligible receiver in the vicinity.
    • 1:34 - McPhee beautifully reads Brady again and times the jump.
    • 1:30 - Hernandez breaks a tackle from Pollard here, who doesn't really seem to try very hard. Gets a first down instead of a fourth and 4 like it should have been
    • 1:10 - Cary Williams with a beautiful interception. Lets the receiver pass instead of sticking hard on him, and then just lets the pass fall in his arms. Receiver never had a chance. Pretty poor pass by Brady as well, most likely desperation. Game over

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    Re: Breakdown of AFCCG (Long)

    Thoughts from the Game

    McPhee - What a baller. Three passes tipped/batted down.

    Pressure on Brady - This is deceptive. The reason I say this is because the Ravens didn't really rush more than 4 for the whole game, instead opting to drop more into coverage, which was actually a great plan against the Patriots. They instead punished anyone who decided to make a catch and it showed later in the game

    Flacco - Flacco owned face again. The turning point of the game in my opinion is when they started letting Flacco throw, because he absolutely tore the Patriots up

    Offensive Line - Our offensive line held up well against the travesty that is Wilfork. However, I would say that the line performed subpar compared to the last game. NE definitely doesn't have VonDoom like players, but they were getting good push and pressure on Flacco.

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    Re: Breakdown of AFCCG (Long)

    Damn. Nice detailed summary/commentary there, Cpt. :D

    I agree with your 4 Quarter Sub-Titles completely. And I concur with your summary Thoughts from the Game.

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    Re: Breakdown of AFCCG (Long)

    Also, this is an accurate summary of the game

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    Re: Breakdown of AFCCG (Long)

    That third quarter drive to take the lead and control of the game made NFL Network's "Drive of the Week".

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    Re: Breakdown of AFCCG (Long)

    Quote Originally Posted by StingerNLG View Post
    That third quarter drive to take the lead and control of the game made NFL Network's "Drive of the Week".
    Not surprising. It was a thing of beauty. Flacco was completely on fire and didn't miss a beat through the whole drive

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    Re: Breakdown of AFCCG (Long)

    Quote Originally Posted by CptJesus View Post
    Also, this is an accurate summary of the game

    Whoever created that deserves 17 thousand dollars.

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    Re: Breakdown of AFCCG (Long)

    Quote Originally Posted by CptJesus View Post
    Also, this is an accurate summary of the game

    OMG, you just won the internet for posting this. This is the greatest thing I've ever seen.

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    Re: Breakdown of AFCCG (Long)

    What were Flacco's second half stats?

    And when is the last time Flacco has thrown a 4th quarter interception?


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