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There is a kernel of truth to what Cameron is describing, and it shows up often when any coach is fired and the interim coach goes on a mini-winning streak. Coaches get fired when results are bad. When results are bad everyone wants to blame someone other than themselves, it is natural. The players think the coach is hurting them, the coach thinks the players aren't executing or trying hard enough. Then, since it is always easier to fire a single coach than try to replace a whole slew of players, the coach gets fired. Then, once the coach is gone, the players naturally want to 'prove' it wasn't them in terms of responsibility, so they try harder and results improve.

All that said, I think Cameron was absolutely holding this team back offensively with his scheme and philosophy a lot of the time (not all the time).
i can see that...sort of like how the Chiefs started playing well when Crennel took over as interim coach last season. too bad for him it didnt carry over into THIS season