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Namath was the first 4000 yard passer in the pro football history. Bradshaw was an integral part of those four SB teams, and it's not like those steroid-fueled Steelers teams were crap when they weren't winning a SB.
I guess. On Bradshaw, though, going back to a point made earlier, if you trade out Ken Anderson (or, for that matter, say, Joe Theismann, Steve Bartkowski, Joe Ferguson, etc.), the Steelers likely still win a few SBs, while Bradshaw likely gets shut out.

Namath is a weaker case. In the 9 seasons he started at least half of his team's games, in only 2 was his TD - INT ratio positive, and even then, not by much. The year he broke 4,000 yards he threw 28 interceptions. He was a turnover machine who could sling it, helped pull the greatest upset ever and who scored with the ladies. That's it.