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[B][*]8:00 - The most incomprehensible series of downs here. All we really want is to kill time, so Caldwell goes ahead and calls 3 passing plays, with one being a sack. Horrible playcalling that gives the patriots the ball back about 60 seconds later[*]2:15 - Oher gets beat by his man, and Rice gets stopped behind the line for a loss.[/LIST]
I disagree with your assessment of the playcalling with 8 mins left in Q4. We were up two scores against the greatest QB of all time. We got here by not playing it safe (and a FG seals it), so I have no problem with not running the ball three times and punting (we just saw this bite the Broncos in the ass). The execution certainly left a lot to be desired however.

As for the play at 2:15, did anyone else think we should throw there? A first down seals the game completely, while a run really only takes you to the two minute warning. Even an incompletion isn't the end of the world, as you will probably get to the two minute warning on the ensuing punt.

I agree that our screens weren't working at all. I think they play them well because of their offense, but they also didn't seem to be blitzing much, which I found strange. Another example of playing not to lose instead of to win, I guess.