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    Re: Mangii: Ravens copied Pat's strategy

    This quote sums up my feelings, except for the fact that the Patriots got caught cheating back then: "When we beat the Colts, we outplayed them. Same thing with what happened with the Ravens outplaying us Sunday. People can rationalize it however they want to. It's not like the Ravens employed a new tactic we've never seen before. They just did it better than anybody. And our guys just didn't meet the challenge."
    "When questioned, the Elders explained that they were in search of magical powers. However, they're actually searching for the whereabouts of a certain ring. This ring is a legendary treasure that long ago was known to exist"

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    Re: Mangii: Ravens copied Pat's strategy

    Quote Originally Posted by AirFlacco View Post
    We respect Squeelers as much as we hate em.
    This statement says it all!!! We are far better playing in our division to go against anybody in the league...

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    Re: Mangii: Ravens copied Pat's strategy

    Quote Originally Posted by admartian View Post
    From what I understand; Gallipoli - the Brits had the "genius" idea of sending ANZACS into (literally) an uphill fight with an entrenched side. To make it worse, they had the navy shelling indiscriminately at anything resulting in friendlies casualties.
    The commander of the Ottoman troops in the invasion area was one Mustafa Kemal Pasha, who said to the 57th Infantry Regiment there, "Men, I am not ordering you to attack. I am ordering you to die. In the time that it takes us to die, other forces and commanders can come and take our place." And many of them did--more than 87,000 in the end. But the fact that the Ottomans held off the ANZACs made Kemal famous in the Ottoman Empire as one of the few successful commanders. (FTR Kemal's own life was saved by a pocket watch which stopped a bullet to his chest.) Years later Kemal organized the resistance to the Allies' attempted dismembering of the Ottoman empire & founded the modern state of Turkey. Years later at his insistence the Turkish national assembly decreed that as part of his/their effort to drag their nation into the modern world, everyone in Turkey had to take a last name--& the assembly insisted that Kemal be known as Ataturk, "Father of the Turks."

    Another quote from Kemal, at the dedication of the Gelibolu/Gallipoli Battlefields memorial in 1934. which is posted there, and on monuments in Canberra, Australia, and Tarakena Bay south of Wellington, New Zealand:
    Heroes who shed their blood and lost their lives! You are now lying in the soil of a friendly country. Therefore rest in peace. There is no difference between the Johnnies and Mehmets to us where they lie side by side here in this country of ours. You, the mothers, who sent their sons from far away countries wipe away your tears; your sons are now lying in our bosom and are in peace. After having lost their lives on this land they have become our sons as well.
    One of my few regrets after visiting Turkey in 1996 is not having made time to go to Gallipoli--I intend to rectify that when I go back.

    (Yeh, I know, TMI, but WTH...)


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