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    Re: Mangii: Ravens copied Pat's strategy

    Quote Originally Posted by Aussie_Raven View Post
    My apologies :P For the Americans here, it was the ANZACs - Australian and New Zealand Army Corps.

    Also Gallipoli is similar to the American Landing of Omaha beach is it not? I think its called D-Day? I see it so many times in computer games.
    Yea it was called D-Day, Operation Overlord and was very similar with 2 major differences.

    1 - We won that battle but with heavy casualties about 10,000. Even the GErmans kept saying how can they keep coming. They keep coming and coming. The irony was the Germans
    really believed God was on their side and it was even inscribed on their belt buckles in
    German. The Longest Day movie brought out that point.

    2 - They landed on the right beach.

    The bad part came with our paratroopers dropped behind the lines, the 101st Airborne suffered 50% casualties. MOst of them were dead before they hit the ground. The LOngest Day aldo bears that out. The drops were made off target too so that might have been similar to your battle.
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