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    Special Shout Out and Thanks To TONY !!!! AKA TL

    Everyone.... As the Ravens get ready to play in the Super Bowl the forums are getting more visits, more post and helping us Ravens Fans stay knowledgeable. The boards not only inform us, but they give us the fans a chance to give opinions and test our thoughts against other fans.

    I have watched TL as he built this site from a napkin and memo pad into the Best NFL Fan Site on the Internet. As we cheer on the Ravens can we all post a special Thank You here for TL and his crew for all they do. Tony always said that to him this is never work because he loves doing it. To me he still deserves a HUGE THANK YOU !!!!!!

    "It is not how you play the game that matters... It is Winning The Super Bowl that counts"... Rumor Ray

    Baltimore Has 10 Pro Football Championships!
    Baltimore Colts [NFL] in 1958, 1959, 1968, and 1970
    Baltimore Stars [USFL] in 1985
    Baltimore Stallions [CFL] in 1995
    Baltimore Ravens [NFL] in 2000 and 2012
    Baltimore Mariners [AIFA] in 2010
    Baltimore Mariners [AIF] in 2014

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    Re: Special Shout Out and Thanks To TONY !!!! AKA TL

    Disclaimer: The content posted is of my own opinion.

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