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The Ravens allotment was 12,500 seats. You can immediately take almost 2000 off that number thanks to a 1:1 ration for SUITE holders (not clubs). 119 suites x 15 tickets per suite.

Now, the stadium has almost 9,000 club seats and over 3000 club seat PSL holders). The lottery is weighted heavily in the club level PSL holders favor. 1:2 is my guess. So that right there knocks out another 3000 SB tickets.. Now your're down to about 8000 seats for "the rest of us". outside of club level you still have over 20,000 PSL holders. No, I didn't stutter. If the Ravens awarded everyone left with SB tickets, they would need almost 50,000 tickets. But you see there are only 8,000 left.. So the Ravens do one more lottery at a 1:5 ratio..

I don't know if my numbers are exact but they are very close and I do know people who work for the team and this is pretty much how it has been explained to me.
Then let them publish the detailed information and data about what happened to the tickets, so there are no conspiracy theories. Remember, the concern I raised is when I got the e-mail about not winning the lottery, I was directed to a RAVENS PARTNER who on their website had TICKET ONLY PACKAGES. Where did they get these tickets? I couldn't sleep because I was so excited about the Ravens winning and was up when the e-mail came in. When I went to the website that night there was literally THOUSANDS of tickets available for $2,100+++.